Katarina Kostić: If you thought the media are boring, think again


The theme of this year’s Vivaldi Forum is CHANGE

Winter Vivaldi CMO & CCO Forum, which will be held on Mokra Gora from 1 to 3 December, will bring together experts from the fields of marketing, communications, media and related industries in order to exchange experiences and improve this industry in Serbia, but also in the region. Selector of this year’s forum is Vanda Kučera, Corporate Affairs Director, I&F McCann Grupa, who will on Thursday, 1 December, open the forum and moderate a panel on How we change the regulations and how the regulations change us, which will be held on 2 December.

The theme of this year’s Vivaldi Forum is CHANGE. “As a natural component of our profession, in addition to being inevitable, change is also necessary and desirable. We’ll talk about how much we have changed since the previous meeting, what are the novelties and trends that appeared in the advertising industry, but also about what awaits us in the near future,” said Vanda.

The keynote lecture which will open the program of the forum will be given via Skype by Howard Nead, Chief Growth Officer, EMEA, representative of IPG Medaibrands network within which agencies of I&F McCann Grupa operate, who will be asked questions by Katarina Kostić, head of development of media services at I&F McCann Grupa. The topic of the lecture, Dynamic Approach to Communication, will address the changes in the communications industry and media scene that occurred in recent years, their impact on the relations between clients and agencies, but also the role of research in this new situation.

At the panel Profile of our future colleagues or which changes in education should we expect, one of the participants will be Maja Gabrijan, HR Director at I&F McCann Grupa. The panel will raise a variety of topics that will help create a clearer picture of the future marketers and skills, knowledge and interests which should be a priority for future colleagues.

Winter Vivaldi CMO & CCO Forum is organized by the Mokra Gora School of Management, at the ethno village Mećavnik in Mokra Gora.