Those best adjusted in a new situation are the ones who survive


The Regional Strategic Director of UM Ljiljana Ivošević took part at the round table organized by the Business journal on the topic of what’s new in media and marketing. Find out what she recommended for a successful brand development and its communication.

Another round table on the topic of new trends in media and communication was held on Friday, in an organization by The Business Journal, at the Styria Hrvatska, and the participants were the representatives of some of the best marketing agencies in Croatia.

The Regional Strategic Director of UM Ljiljana Ivošević commented that the mentioned situation in Agrokor is leaving implications in the entire region, and that what happened was not the worst expected scenario. “Was there fewer investments in almost all the categories where Agrokor was present? Yes, there was”. She added. Also, when it comes to media channels and the consumer audience, we today have a lot more of them, but new channels also bring new goals. It is still important to raise awareness, but we are also focusing more and more on the engagement with the target audience. “It is not easy knowing your way around with all these new media channels and formats, and often there are also a lot of mystifications. For example, we are again talking about the inevitable influencers, but in UM’s global Wave study of social networks we came across an interesting fact – that the trust in influencer’s recommendations has drastically declined. We suppose the cause is the inflation of influencers in the market. Of course, the audience will say which one of them is good, or relevant, and which one is not”, Ivošević said.

On the other hand, she continues, regardless of the new media and the strengthening of the activities of some of the channels, everyone still needs to function in a synergy in order for all of them to have a role. There is no campaign in Croatia which was super noticeable that didn’t have a TV commercial. Furthermore, in the context of media consumption, the so-called attention span is getting shorter, so the relevance of communications has become even more relevant, Ivošević thinks. Commenting of the problem of employing young people in a media agency, she says that the young generations have less patience for learning, which is a luxury, given the potential losses you could have if you employed someone without the necessary experience at a responsible position.

“Success is not a term with a single meaning, and if you are the first in line for a promotion it doesn’t mean you are equally successful in all the criteria. The feeling of success is very subjective, and satisfied in that moment when you achieved what you wanted to achieve, whether it was to have a happy team, or to keep all your people, or to get new or hold your current clients. Yes, it’s ok to be at the top, but not only by turnover”, Ljiljana Ivošević said.

The original publication can be found at Poslovni dnevnik.