One and McCann Podgorica together with partners won 3 awards at the CIM Forum

At this year’s CIM Awards 2023, which was held for the second time in Kotor, the New Year’s campaign created by the agency McCann Podgorica and its partners won three awards (two gold and one bronze) in the categories of creative strategy, TV spot, etc.

CIM Forum hosted the most prominent names from the fields of creative, media, marketing and other complementary industries from Montenegro and the region. In the strong competition for the most creative and successful projects from 2022, the New Year’s campaign of the company One and the agency McCann Podgorica attracted the attention of the public and left a strong impression. The media agency UM Podgorica is responsible for the successful marketing of the campaign and its visibility, which provided support to the agency McCann Podgorica with its expertise.

The campaign was present on numerous online and offline channels, achieved exceptional visibility, and the expected number of vouchers awarded to new One users was significantly exceeded. Excellent results for the new brand and its first year on the Montenegrin market.

“Just as the main heroine in our advertisement knits sweaters for her family with a lot of patience and love, so did we and our colleagues from the McCann Podgorica agency jointly succeeded in weaving the entire New Year’s campaign for our One family with great ideas.” These awards are at the same time recognition for our entire team and confirmation that, although a young brand, we are on the right track in creating innovative and effective campaigns,” said Ana Mihailović, manager for the segment of physical persons and marketing communications at the One company.

“We managed to get everyone excited when we saw the grandmother, who is the main actress of the TV spot, knitting sweaters for dear people and thinking about who to give the voucher to. However, in the end, we see that all those people, including her favorite actor, chose the grandmother to give her their vouchers, thus showing their gratitude and love, and at the same time, they melted the hearts of the viewers with their gesture. In the end, we owe a big thank you to One Montenegro, who has not only been a client since the first day, but above all a partner and friend of the agency. It is a pleasure to work with their team, and these awards are confirmation that joint work and understanding bring great ideas and great results”, said Aleksandar Raičević, Account Director of McCann Podgorica.